Judd Feuerstein
Co-Founder & CTO

Roey Feuerstein
Social Media Strategist

Igal Feuerstein
Co-Founder & Design Director

Rony Herz
Co-Founder & Marketing Director

  • Will Stuffcard remain free?

    Stuffcard is currently a free app. Once you install it for free, you will never have to pay for the current functionality. That’s a firm commitment. That doesn’t mean Stuffcard will remain free forever. We may decide in the future to raise the price. We may also decide to extend its functionality and use in-app-purchase to enable new capabilities.

  • Is my Stuffcard data backed up in case I lose my phone?

    Your Stuffcards are automatically synced to iCloud (if you allow it to). That serves both as a backup as well as syncing with other devices. If you install Stuffcard on another device, or just reinstall the app, it will automatically download all your Stuffcards from iCloud. Changes on any of your devices will automatically show up on all devices where Stuffcard is installed using the same iCloud account.

  • How secure is Stuffcard?

    We are very mindful of privacy and security aspects. Stuffcard data is kept on device as well as in iCloud. As such, it is as secure as any data on your iPhone and in your iCloud account (e.g. your contacts, email, text messages, browsing history, etc.). In the future, we will probably add the ability to view and even edit your Stuffcards through a desktop web browser. When we do, rest assured we will use state of the art data security technologies to protect our and our users’ data.

  • Can I use Stuffcard on my iPad?

    You sure can. Although we don’t have a dedicated iPad version, you can install the Stuffcard iPhone app on your iPad. Furthermore, as long as you use the same iCloud account as on your iPhone, the app will sync all your Stuffcards through iCloud and any changes you make on either device will quickly be replicated to the other.

  • Is Stuffcard available on Android or Windows Phone?

    At the moment we only have an iPhone version.

  • Can I share my Stuffcards to my social circles?

    The short answer is a qualified yes. We do intend to add the ability to email the content of a Stuffcard as well as to post a Stuffcard on your facebook wall. However, we don’t envision the ability to share Stuffcards in the way one would share their creations in Instagram (for example). In other words, we don’t think of Stuffcard as a platform for generally sharing a feed of all or even a subset of my stuff. But we definitely think it will be very useful to occasionally email the content of a Stuffcard or post it to Facebook.

  • Can I use Stuffcard to store passwords, account numbers and such?

    In some cases it makes perfect sense to store such data in Stuffcard. For example, it would make sense to store the combination code for your vehicle immobilizer in a note in your vehicle’s Stuffcard. Stuffcard was designed as a collection of reference cards for the important stuff in your life. It is tailored for physical items (appliances, gadgets, tools, vehicles, etc.). Having said that, feel free to store anything you like. Hey, if you find a novel use for Stuffcard, all the power to you! Please let us know, or better yet, share it on our Facebook page.

  • Can I install Stuffcard on versions older than iOS7?

    Since we started development well after iOS7 has been publicly available, and given how quickly iOS users tend to upgrade, we decided to not bother carrying old baggage. We are aware there is a small minority of iOS users who can’t upgrade for various reasons. If you are one of those, we are sorry we can’t accommodate you. Hopefully you’ll be able to upgrade soon. When you do, please come back!

  • Does Stuffcard have a community page on Facebook?

    We sure do! Don’t forget to “like” this page. We intend to post occasional usage tips, clarifications and such. (OK, we admit, this is not a frequently asked question but we thought it should have been... :-).

Stuffcard creates a detailed reference card for every item you own.

Stuffcard™ keeps track of all the vital information: brand, model, serial number, warranty info, merchant details, photos, receipts, reminders and notes.

Get rid of the dusty shoebox. Trash that jam-packed folder. Everything you need to know about your things but can’t ever remember - now always in your pocket.

Keep it all together. Stuffcard.